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Collects and analyzes numerical data, collating the statistics into understandable formats. Statisticians interpret their collected data to allow people to make informed decisions. The The Statistics department regularly updates the following reports using our annual local church statistics collected from our churches in all Districts. These often give an insight into trends in membership, especially regarding gender and age, as well as church size.

Statistical Review

Churches in Size and Membership

Membership by Age and Gender

Number of Family units

Average Membership and Attendance by Conference

Number of Ministers (Elders, Deacons, Local Preachers, Exhorters and Evangelist)

Number of Officials (Stewards, Trustee, Church School Superintendent, Class Leaders)
Number of Churches
Number of Church Schools
Number of Ministries
Number of Conversions
Number of New Members
Number of Deaths, Births, Confirmations, Marriages etc.
Total expenses
Total Income
Trends for regions


  • Knowledgeable in computer (Microsoft Excel and other related programs)
  • Background in statistical field
  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge of developing charts
  • Good communication skills

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