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As historian, you will want to accept the following responsibilities: Establish an archives if one does not already exist. Encourage church officers to keep accurate church records. Provide for the preservation of all records and historical materials no longer in current use. Promote interest in the history and heritage of The Union American Methodist Episcopal Church • Assist the Bishop’s and others in the annual observance of Founders Day and in the celebration of significant anniversaries. Help those who wish to do research in your church’s records

  • The historian will review the historical materials and collections of the UAME Church to determine what needs to be done to update, preserve, and interpret the material to people of all ages.
  • The historian will keep records in good order and interpret the history to others, particularly emphasizing the history of faith and the impact of “lived faith” on the larger community.
  • The historian will document events and collect materials to add to the historical record of the congregation.
  • The historian will build a team of interested people who can help with the task.
  • The historian will assist the Bishop’s and others in the annual observance of Founders Day and in the celebration of anniversaries significant to the church and community.
  • The historian and team will link with organizations, people, and resources in and beyond the UAME Church that are concerned with history.
  • The historian will establish an archive and encourage all local church officers to keep accurate church records.
  • The historian will provide for the preservation of important and historical materials that are no longer in current use.



  • knowledge, discernment, and administration.
  • evidence of an interest in history,
  • the ability to gather information from several sources, and skills in organizing, classifying, and preserving historical material.
  • have the ability to listen to and communicate with people of all ages, compile creative displays, and plan programs and events to share the history of the UAME Church.
  • show genuine interest in history and connection with the General Church, District Church and Local Church’s past
  • Knowledgeable in Computer and internet


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