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What is evangelism?

Evangelism is every possible way of reaching, reclaiming, and reconciling people unto Jesus Christ for the purpose of uniting them with His church and moving them through membership to discipleship. Evangelism is more than telling people how much we love God. Evangelism is our ability, our calling and our responsibility to articulate the full gospel of Jesus Christ to the “unchurched,” and “unsaved” for the purpose of bringing them into saving faith in Jesus Christ. This means we must be willing and committed to being actively engaged with non-believers.
The Department of Evangelism develops and promotes programs that help local congregations become more aware of and involved in evangelism. The department directs workshops, seminars, and conferences, at annual, district and local congregational levels on the meaning of and strategies for evangelism in the church. To engage, equip, and empower every local church to strategically incorporate intentional evangelism into its ministry philosophy and practice.

To develop and train comprehensive ministry teams in each local church, to identify visitors, follow-up with them, and create and facilitate a path forward to move them from visitor, to regular attender, to committed member, to evangelist in their sphere of relational influence.

• A vibrant and personal faith in Jesus Christ,
• Must be able to articulate it well.
• Knowledgeable in their theological convictions and practice.
• Proven, demonstrable gift of and heart for evangelism and reaching the lost.
• Proven ability to both develop and work well with teams of people.
• Understanding of organizational dynamics, and experience in a large organization is a plus.
• A minimum of five years of experience in some form of evangelistic ministry
• Knowledge in computers and social media

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