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Department of Lay Ministry

********** General Office Ministries Under Consideration *********
The Department of Lay Ministry aids the UAME Church in equipping and enabling the lay members to engage in effective ministry. The Department, thus, develops information and promotes initiatives that will strengthen and empower “God’s People” to provide meaningful and effective ministry, particularly at the local level of the church. By promoting the Lay Ministry Beliefs of Studying, Seeking, Sharing, and Serving.
The Department utilizes the efforts of the Stewards, Trustees Stewardesses, and Ushers to further assist God’s people enhance and develop their service capacities. The General Secretary provides oversight and leadership in equipping and certifying lay leaders through Boulden and ETA.

Facilitate the development and staffing of lay ministry teams in local churches for the purpose of:
• Providing varied and flexible opportunities for member involvement
• Providing outlets to better utilize the gifts and talents of members wishing to participate
• Work with Stewardship Board to complete and periodically update the Time & Talent Survey and develop an effective data base to manage and utilize the information
• Work with the various Boards to identify the potential need for ministry teams and the interests and skill sets required for each team
• Solicit member involvement in ministry teams utilizing the Time & Talent data base as well as other means to identify possible participants
• With the ministerial staff and Boards educate and motivate our congregation to realize and accept that service and participation is not only an expectation, but an obligation and that there are huge spiritual rewards for those who get involved.
• Publicize lay ministry service and other volunteer opportunities via newsletter announcements, church service announcements, etc.
• Assist in integrating new members into the congregation by providing them with opportunities to get involved in ministry teams and adding Time & Talent survey information to the data base

• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Ability to market and/or sell the benefits of participation
• Strong computer skills (data base management, word processing, e-mail, etc.) or willingness to learn
• Ability to work as part of the church ministry
• Self initiative, motivation
• Willingness to develop and further define the role of the Lay Ministry Coordinator
• Organizational skills
• Creative
• Ability to problem solve

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