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Department of Finance

The Department of Finance of the Union American Methodist Episcopal Church is headed by a General Secretary who administers the General Funds of the Church in accordance with the Connectional Budget approved by the General Conference.

All connectional funds, including the apportionments to the several Annual Conferences, approved by the General Conference, are forwarded to the General Secretary of the Department of Finance.

The General Secretary of Finance expends the connectional funds in accordance with the Connectional Budget. The schedule for expenditures is established by the General Connectional Board based on the budgetary needs and expected schedule of income.

The Department of Finance, in consultation with the Bench of Bishops, explores alternate sources of revenue to aid in underwriting the operational costs of the Union American Methodist Episcopal Church, and presents these costs annually to the General Connectional Board for action.

Experience and skills required:
• Knowledge and competence in computer-based bookkeeping, accounting, and reporting
• Effective computer skills, including word processing and
• Knowledge and competence in federal, state, and local tax and information reporting compliance, including payroll taxes, IRS form 1099, and other applicable and tax and information reporting.
• Experience working with banking institutions on financial matters.
• Professional and courteous verbal and written communication skills in order to practice and foster effective communication within the church organization and its teams.
• Attention to detail and precision while maintaining a high ethical standard.
• Timely and consistent attendance and availability for work and meetings.
• Work well with a team. Experience and skills desired:
• Previous church accounting experience.

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