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Brotherhood Ministry

The Brotherhood Ministry of UAME Church will be responsible for developing and promoting an effective Christian ministry to men by men in the local churches by organizing and training the men in our local churches. The goals will be to train each local ministry to:

1. Minister to the needs and concerns of men in the church and community in which the church is located.
2. Address the chronic and systemic problems men experience by unjust, racist and unequal social, economic and political conditions.
3. Provide guidance, hope and inspiration to men to become more open to God’s will for their lives, better members of the church, and more responsible fathers, husbands and participants in the life of the community.

The Brotherhood Ministry will provide programs, strategies, curriculums and resources that shall include emphases such as the following:

1. Study of the Bible as the inspired Word of God.
2. Effective worship through participation and study.
3. Opportunities of Christian fellowship of men with other men.
4. Service projects within the church and community.
5. Bonding with other Christian men.
6. Mutual support groups to meet the varied challenges of life.
7. Developing leadership potential.
8. Facing issues of male health and wholeness.
9. Responsible stewardship, personal finances and use of credit.
10. Community and political involvement and participation.
11. Mentoring & tutoring boys.
12. Transitioning boys to men.
13. Legacy and heritage appreciation.
14. Understanding and appreciation for church.
15. Discovering and utilizing spiritual gifts.
Proven effectiveness in related experience
• Demonstrated leadership and leader development
• Understands and embraces UAME Church vision, purpose and direction
• Demonstrated wisdom in decisions, actions & recommendations
• Evaluates decisions/actions by their overall impact and long-term implications
• Team developer
• Effective public speaker
• Experience overseeing ministry budget
• Relational match with other ministry directors
• Passion for cultivating godly men and families
*Knowledge of social media and computers

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