Homiletics I Course Syllabus Boulden Seminary

Books: "How to Prepare Sermons" by William Evans

"Anatomy of Preaching" by David L. Larsen

The Holy Bible

Course Overview: This course is a study of Homiletics I, the preaching of the Good News of salvation. The focus of this course will be on sermon preparation through prayer, the interpretation of the text, the three main parts of a sermon introduction, Main Thoughts & Conclusion, and the points in the body of the sermons. Also, students will become aware of many concerns that preachers must consider.

Homiletics I

Course Objectives: The student will pay increased attention to the detail and organization, required before wirting and delivering a sermon. Students will also identify the many issues which challenge preachers in today's society.

The student will strengthen and enhance the homiletic skills needed to prepare and to clearly present the Gospel.

Methods of Evaluation


*  The student is expected to respond to questions posed by the instructor online 10%

*  Readings: The student is to read the entire textbook! And answer the questions in the topical outline.

*  Papers: After reading the assigned text, the student is to type written the assiglnments and email them to the instructor on a weekly basis - 80%


You will complete two Quizzes. The information will be found in the textbook: How to Prepare Sermons.

You will write a sermon titled "Examine Yourself" using a Scripture of your choice. Your sermon should be written just as though you are preaching to a congregation for at least 15 - 20 minutes.

Final Exam: Write a two-page paper selecting a topic from the book "Anatomy of Preaching" by David L. Larsen, specifically from Chapters 8-11 (pages 95-143).

All assignments must be turned in when due. 

Late assignments will cause grade point deduction.

Grading Scale:

A.  Satisfactory completion of the course requires a minimum theory grade of (75-76).

B.  Theoretical Grade Scale

Passing: A 93-100  A- 90-92  B+ 87-89  83-86  B- 80-82  C+ 77-79  75-76

Not Passing:  C- 70-74  60-69  <60


Topical Outline Attached.


To remain in good standing with Boulden Seminary, you are expected to demonstrate academic honesty, integrity, civility, and respect for others. Academic integrity means implicit and explicit behaviors that exemplify honesty and truthful representation of personal academic work. Cheating, lying, and plagiarism are examples of destructive and unethical behaviors that reflect deception or dishonesty.


Students are expected to attend all classes (ZOOM & CHAMILO). If the student must miss class, it is his/her professional responsibility to notify the faculty member teaching class  the day he/she will not be there prior to the start of class. The student is responsible for obtaining any missed course work for the day. Students are expected to be prepared for classroom related discussions and learning activities. Students are also to actively participate in classroom-related discussions and activities (for in class students).

     A.  Faculty will not assume responsibility for students who are not adequately prepared for and or who do not actively participate in the classroom-related activities. Faculty reserve the right to cancel classroom activities due to poor student preparation/participation; then the student becomes totally responsible for the respective course content.

     B.  All students are also expected to check their personal e-mail accounts regularly.

     C.  Assignments are due on the date indicated. Those not submitting assignments on time will receive a 5-point deduction per day from their grade. Assignments submitted more than 5 days late will be graded a 0.

     D.  Students are expected to attend all online class presentations. If absent on the day of presentations, you will receive a grade of 0 for the assignment even if you were not presenting on that day (in classroom).


All students are expected to be honest, mature, and responsible and to respect the rights and property of others. The purpose of the Student Code is to promote, preserve, and protect the educational mission of the Seminary.


All students are required to do their own work. The submission of a course assignment will constitue a student's declaration that the work is the original work of that student. All students are required to be familiar with and conform to the Seminary standards of excellence.


Week 1. Date: 9/7          Read  Chapters 1-3          Assignment Due: 9/14

Week 2: Date: 9/14       Read Chapters 4-6         Assignment Due: 9/21

Week 3: Date: 9/21  QUIZ 1  Due: 9/24     Read Chapters 7-9   Assignment Due: 9/28

Week 4: Date: 9/28      Read Chapters 10-12      Assignment Due: 10/5

Week 5: Date: 10/5     Read Chapters 13-14     Assignment Due: 10/12

Week 6: Date: 10/12  QUIZ 2, & Construct your Sermon "EXAMINE YOURSELF"  Both are due 10/19

Week 7: Date: 10/26    FINAL EXAM: Type written a two-page paper selecting a topic from the book "Anatomy of Preaching" from Chapters 8-11 (pages 95-143). Your paper should reflect your view of the chosen topic.

Final Exam is due: 11/1

Week 8: Date: 11/2 - LAST DAY OF CLASS