Hermeneutics 1

What is Hermeneutics? Hermeneutics is the study of the methodological principles of interpretation of the Bible. Hermeneutics a method or principle of "Interpretation."

Hermeneutics 1 Course Objectives

To discover the truths in the Bible and what the text truly means. To approach God's word not with a subjective or tainted eyes, but to discern what the intended meaning of the passage is, whether for readers at the time it was written and how it is applicable to the readers and hearers today.

Hermeneutics primary purpose is to discover what God wants us to take away from His word.


Hermeneutics 1 Topics of Discussion

1. The Bible and The Bible Student

2. The Dispensational Principle

3. The Covenatal Principle

4. The Ethnic Division Principle

5. The Discrimination Principlr

6. The Predictive Principle

7. The Application Principle

8. The typical Principle

9. The Principle of Human Willingness in Illumination

10. The First Mention Principle

Hermeneutics 1 Course Material

1. Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics


Hermeneutics 1 Resources

1. Bible

2. Textbook

3. Class Discussion 

Hermeneutics 1 Assessment

1. Class Particiption 

2. Quizs/Exams

3. Submission of Assigned Classwork in a Timely Manner