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Youth Affiliation

Provide opportunities for Young Adults ages 18 – 40 to learn and apply basic principles of Christianity, as taught by Jesus Christ, for the enrichment of the individual, the Church and the community. To develop an annual action plan for the purpose of: 1. Strengthening the Young Adult Ministry 2. Expanding the role of Young […]

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Church School

The Church School General Secretary coordinates and facilitates trainings and workshops to ensure that children and adults in our local churches who attend come to know the Biblical faith in a safe, friendly, welcoming environment where all may experience the love of God and be spiritually nurtured. An understanding of, and respect for, the faith […]

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Department of Education

Responsibilities: The General Secretary of Education is responsible for working with the Christian Education Team and Churches to organize and resource the Union American Methodist Episcopal Church’s education programs, as well as to train church members for the task of teaching and leading Christian Education in a shared capacity. Other responsibilities include: Coordinating education and […]

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Union Messenger

The primary function to oversee the production of the quarterly Union Messenger newsletter of the UAME Church and inform the Connection of church programs and activities, such as. •    Information about Sunday services •    Communications from our Bishop’s. •    Information about religious education programs and classes (Boulden, ETA and Local Churches) •    Information about all […]

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Foreign Missions

The Foreign Missions secretary assists in coordinating all regional and international missions activity within the church and support for other related items. Working directly with the General Missionaries and Foreign Missions Board, the General Secretary effectively communicates related mission activities and items to the church leadership as necessary. Attends Foreign Missions team meetings; Assist the […]

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