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Department of Ministerial Services

The Department addresses the general welfare and needs of ministers and lay personnel of the UAME Church, covering such areas as retirement benefits, ministerial care and insurance (life, health, fire and casualty, homeowners, auto and business). This Department will develop a program which includes concerns of and for the ministry in terms of support and […]

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Department of Lay Ministry

********** General Office Ministries Under Consideration ********* The Department of Lay Ministry aids the UAME Church in equipping and enabling the lay members to engage in effective ministry. The Department, thus, develops information and promotes initiatives that will strengthen and empower “God’s People” to provide meaningful and effective ministry, particularly at the local level of […]

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General Secretary of Church Extension

The General Secretary of Church Extension develops, directs, implements and promotes the UAME Church Planting movement.  This person serves as the primary catalyst to help recruit, equip, coach and lead church planting-focused disciples with a vision for kingdom multiplication. Responsibilities Direct the development, oversight and execution of church planting strategies and partnerships. Develop and implement […]

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As historian, you will want to accept the following responsibilities: Establish an archives if one does not already exist. Encourage church officers to keep accurate church records. Provide for the preservation of all records and historical materials no longer in current use. Promote interest in the history and heritage of The Union American Methodist Episcopal […]

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Collects and analyzes numerical data, collating the statistics into understandable formats. Statisticians interpret their collected data to allow people to make informed decisions. The The Statistics department regularly updates the following reports using our annual local church statistics collected from our churches in all Districts. These often give an insight into trends in membership, especially […]

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