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  • Hurricane Relief (9/4/2017) -
  • Grace UAME Church (7/30/2017) - Grace U.A.M.E. Church in East Orange, NJ “Don’t miss it watch the video now before it is gone!”
  • Passion of Christ (4/14/2017) - 5 Thumbs Up to Valeska Hood- Coleman for her spectacular remake of The Passion of Christ. I can only pray that we encourage her to continue in her efforts to spread of the gospel of Christ thru drama. Watch the Trailer See the photos To See the Full Album: “click here“
  • Missionary Banquet 2017 (4/8/2017) - To See the Full Album: “click here“
  • St Paul Ministry Of Dance (3/11/2017) - St. Paul U.A.M.E. Church in Palmyra, NJ closes out the quarter with the lauching of their new Ministry of Dance. The service was incredible the dance was awesome and the preacher was fantasic. “Don’t miss it watch the video now before it is gone!”
  • Bishop’s Newsletter 3rd Quarter (12/20/2016) - Reviving Churches, to Remind Believers, to Reach their Community December 2016 – February 2017 3rd Quarter WISHING YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A NEW YEAR OF INCREASE AND ABUNDANCE (Bishop Adolphus Scott) In this Post-Modern Christian World that we live in it is very important that we allow our light to shine especially […]
  • Recent Happenings Friday 10/18/16 (11/18/2016) - Check out the latest Videos, Pictures and The Union Messenger. Our Alliance with Brotherhood Mutual Our Salute To Students Local Preacher Donyea Cale-Salaam Mt. Zion Job Description of a Preacher First Refuge Baptist Church The Union Messenger